Homes for Haringey focuses on performance with Service Connect

Delivering 60,000 repairs and all major building works to the Council’s 20,000+ properties and dwellings, Homes for Haringey, part of London Borough of Haringey Council, implemented Service Connect to help continue their drive for service improvement. Having reduced operating costs by over £4m in 3 years, Haringey’s previous interfaced systems became a roadblock to further productivity improvements. Haringey had a vision for a solution where supervisors were freed from the office, where dashboards told staff what they needed to focus on in real time, where customer service and operational delivery were one in the same thing and where senior managers would have complete visibility across the service.

Haringey and Cloud Dialogs worked together to realise this vision and continue to drive innovation. Deploying the same system Council wide for housing and tenancy management means a shared goal for continuous performance improvement and using a single fully Cloud based system means the IT team focus entirely on process improvement and project management, not databases and servers.