Housing Connect is a complete business solution for services within Housing whose staff are mobile. It is designed around a dynamic Case Management capability and makes the perfect partner to your CRM system.

CRM systems are generally modern software solutions and market on the basis of use on any device. The reality however is that you need a proper mobile platform that can handle working off-line. Staff need to be able to make ad-hoc requests for customer files while out and about and seamless real-time integration with your back-office systems is critical. Here again Housing Connect gives you an advantage because it can connect to all of your back-office systems; for example household information, CRM Case details, Property Attributes and Rent information; and aggregate the information ready for when your staff need to access it remotely.

Our flexible form based approach means Housing Connect can model your required data exactly, you can do all the configuration yourself and evolve the solution as you go, typically with initial live use being achieved within weeks of kick-off. Housing Connect represents a completely new generation of technology for the Housing sector, truly enabling technology, making it easy and affordable for you to deliver effective mobile solutions across your entire business.