Improving workforce productivity with repairs management technology

In recent years the use of technology has advanced in the UK Housing and Building Repairs Sector with the evolvement of housing and building management, mobile workforce and scheduling solutions. According to Information Age technology is currently expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy as stated by the Tech Nation 2018 Report. The digital technology sector has risen in value in the UK economy from £174 million in 2016 to £184 million in 2018. In terms of the UK economy, the constructions sector contribution to the repairs and maintenance industry is approximately contributing £20 billion. This is a significant amount of expenditure and reflects the sheer scale of the market.

Nowadays housing associations are one of the most affected with challenges such as a growing population, budget cuts, and a greater demand on services.  According to Inside Housing, housing associations cut back their spending on repairs and maintenance for the second year running in 2016/17. Such cut backs introduce difficulties of doing more with less. However, these challenges can be addressed with investment in the right technology and the integration of a single repairs platform, helping to deliver an effective repair and maintenance service while reducing costs.

Today, housing organisations not only have to safeguard tenants with quality accommodation, but also with effective maintenance and repairs services. Similarly, the building services industry are also expected to deliver quality repairs services as well as ensure health and safety is adhered via their workforce.  In order to achieve this, they need to have a modern, intuitive solution in place allowing housing and building repairs’ teams to respond quickly and effectively to jobs. Additionally, implementing the latest technologies will help repairs teams successfully deliver a high standard of service delivery while remaining compliant.

Benefits of implementing repairs and maintenance solutions

So, how can repairs management technology improve efficiencies and productivity in your workforce? 

Repairs management technology acts as a job workforce management tool to streamline service delivery and enable organisations to operate with more efficient processes. The solutions allow organisations to track repairs, manage assets and record and report on material orders and financial processes. Repairs staff have the ability to record and access information via a mobile device and where they need it most – at the point of service. Both field staff and service users can benefit from a consistent level of service delivery via clear communication from real time information on repairs.

Repairs management solutions also effectively help organisations to manage their finances, improve efficiencies and performance such as having the ability to accurately invoice and assess how much is being spent on repairs, assets and materials. Organisations can easily access and have full visibility of order summaries, stock movement such as material usage by resource and every order initiated. This enables businesses with greater visibility and control over financial processes and ultimately helps deliver significant cost savings as well as drive improvements for first time fix rates. Additionally, repairs solutions are powerful tools for managing sub contracted work with the ability to access the same information such as job status information, photos and invoices.

Furthermore, modern repairs solutions are designed around live interactive dashboards which are individually configured for every manager and their team. These dashboards highlight anything that needs attention allowing transparency across all areas of housing or building services’ organisations. Powerful, real time information leads to accurate management of your repairs’ teams and businesses financial processes.

Field staff can capture images or any critical information directly from a tenants’ estate or building site and have all required information at hand to get the job completed first time. This information is essential for compliance purposes.

Collectively with effective scheduling, repairs staff have access to tools that greatly benefit their working day. Visits are scheduled automatically, according to resource availability, skills and business requirements, and updated schedules are communicated to field staff. Dashboards are updated in real time to track job progress and manage workloads more effectively as well as eliminating issues and escalations. The schedule automatically adjusts to any issues as the day unfolds, allowing repairs staff to continue with maintenance services without delay or wasted travel.

With improved processes repairs management solutions can help ensure that the right staff are working on the right jobs at the right time, maximising their capacity by ensuring they are spending their time appropriately delivering services. It also removes the need to have separate timesheet processes as every minute of the day is accounted for within your resources’ diaries.

Adapting a unified approach

Removing the need for multiple systems and adopting a single platform enables a unified approach with customer requirements and repairs communicated clearly, allowing repair teams to respond to jobs more efficiently. Users can enjoy a seamless experience as it eliminates duplication of interfaces and unnecessary data entry therefore improving business efficiency. By implementing a SaaS cloud solution, organisations can benefit from greater functionality, scalability and reduced costs.

What is the future for repairs technology?

With access to mobile technologies and cloud-based platforms, housing and building services organisations’ can continue to benefit from their offerings under one single platform. These solutions can help drive effective service delivery while meeting the needs of customer demand and increasing workforce productivity.

Service Connect Solution

Service Connect from Cloud Dialogs is a single cloud-based repairs management system for the UK Building Services and Housing Sector. The solution supplies responsive repairs, planned work, programmed work, servicing and voids all from the one application. Service Connect delivers a clear view of what is happening in real time, enabling the effective management and delivery of key services.

If you’d like further information on Service Connect including how it can benefit your repairs and maintenance teams, contact us at

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