Network Housing Group Mobilises with Cloud Dialogs

Network Housing goes Mobile with Cloud Dialogs in 6 weeks

Network Housing have managed to mobilise their Neighbourhood services team in under 6 weeks. Moving staff from a paper based system to a mobile solution, that has allowed them to continue carrying our their duties, such as tenancy audits, estate inspections, safety and building checks, using a Tablet P.C

Within the next couple of months, Network Housing will be moving the project one stage further, integrating the solution directly with the back office system CRM Dynamics.
Cloud Dialogs offers a unique solution that will provide two way integration with CRM. This means information collected or updated by the officer, whilst out in the field, will provide real time updates to CRM. Any updates made to the CRM system will also be fed down to the tablet and alert officers if any new cases or activities are created and assigned to them. This will allow them to be more responsive and being able to deal with task, as and when they come in.

Mobile Working will improve service delivery to the customers, and Network’s aim is to increase customer satisfaction to a minimum of 90%.

Network are moving towards a new way of working, which will mean providing a much more holistic approach to service delivery but enabling the officers to have the full tenant and property history available to them when they are out and about. Increasing response times to customer service requests. Officers will also become more reactive by being able to use the mobile device to log repairs, make referrals and update information.

Paper files will rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and the aim of the group is to roll out the mobile Solution to a number of other services across the group, such as Income management and Leaseholder services with remaining areas of the group quickly following suit