Outcomes & Journeys

Outcomes are things you care about, you want to help people improve their standard of living over time and outcomes to individual actions are the stepping stones along the way. Outcomes are also things you have to report on and evidence – Care Connect ensures these two requirements work hand-in-hand, you define and record Outcomes based on how you want to provide support, Care Connect makes sure you can report on this however is needed and however this changes over time.

Within Care Connect you rate and track over time a customer’s position against whatever Support Needs you define, you track an assessed and a self rating and can compare this to a baseline at any time. This allows you to visualise a Customer’s journey over any time period you define or just take a snap-shot. You can also record individual outcomes to any actions you record and complete and again can report on these over any time period you want.

Everything is completely flexible, we recognise that this area will continually evolve and the Software’s job is to make sure you can change the way you run the service without having to worry about how your system will be able to keep up.