The Truth About Scheduling – Free Seminar

Cloud Dialogs is run by the team who started and built the opti-time business, we have been involved in appointment and dynamic scheduling in housing repairs since it all started in 2002.

After 15 years of there only being one option, now suddenly everyone is offering scheduling and because the story is so well known, all claim to provide exactly the same capabilities.

In this free workshop we are going to explore all the key issues around scheduling housing repairs, void and planned work – both operational and software. Topics covered will include;

– Everyone has scheduling software but productivity is often still low – how come?
– When does one job at a time work?
– Should scheduling be looking at materials?
– What is the best way to organise planners?
– Summary of best practice business processes
– Balancing resources when workload fluctuates
– Should Voids be managed on diaries?
– to multi-skill or not to multi-skill …
– the problem with separate systems
– Effective performance management – what are the top performers measuring?
– Diagnostics and first time fix – the great confusion


The seminar is run as an interactive workshop exploring of each of the core topics listed above. Numbers are limited to ensure good participation so book early to avoid missing out. If you can’t make any of the dates but would like to understand how we go about scheduling then get in touch and we would love to talk to you.

Venues to be finalised, but dates as follows;

London – Tuesday 19th September
Manchester – Wednesday 20th September

Registration 10am, main session 10.30 to 13:00
Networking lunch and all other refreshments provided

To reserve your place email