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We help our customers drive increased efficiencies through the implementation of our software. Service Connect is built around a lean philosophy and the implementation project is as much about cultural change as it is software.

As a SaaS supplier, we have a long term, vested interest in your success. Neither of us benefits if you don’t make a success of the project and we will remain a close partner for as long as you are running your business on our software.

Appointment Booking & Dynamic Scheduling

Service Connect incorporates a full dynamic appointment booking and workforce scheduling solution. Combine effective management of demand into your service with powerful demand – pull scheduling to ensure you get the maximum productivity from your mobile staff.

Customer Engagement
& Self Service

The new norm for customer service means web self-service, options to re-arrange bookings, live service updates and an easy feedback / rating process. Service Connect gives you this out of the box – or more exactly, out of the Cloud.

On or Off-line
Mobile Working

Bullet proof mobile working, on or off-line, deep specialist funcionality as standard, plus flexible form designer, enabling customers to easily and quickly extend the solution and react to new business needs.

Reactive & Planned Work Management & Costing

We understand that the functionality needed to manage reactive work is different to that needed for Void or Planned jobs. Service Connect’s planning board helps you streamline planned or complex jobs and is designed for use on a tablet or at your desk.

Complete Material Management Solution

One of the biggest problem areas in housing repars and one of Service Connect’s strongest features. Finally eliminate the administration associated with merchant trading, reduce lost time, and take control of material usage.


Fully integrate your sub-contractors into your core business system. Manage work through the web based portal, manage variations and documents, generate & match invoices, and even book and manage appointments.

Housing Repairs

Service Connect is a complete Housing Repairs system, a single Cloud based software product designed from the ground up to deliver dynamic scheduling, mobile working, full job management, a contractor portal and Customer engagement.


Housing Management

Service Connect’s flexible Case Management capability is the perfect partner to housing or CRM systems giving managers new levels of insight and control into their teams performance and helps break down silos so you can do more with less.



Comprehensive self-service functionality that lets customers diagnose and book their own appointments, view information on their property, rate the service received, check repair history and re-arrange any existing appointments.


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