Adactus breaks the mould with 10 day implementation

Adactus Housing have decided to use Care Connect to deliver a complete business solution to their Supported Housing and Sheltered Housing teams. The system is being used for everything including providing a core customer database, managing Needs Assessments and Support Plans, recording all interactions, scheduling all routine checks and full reporting. In addition all property based health and safety checks are being scheduled and completed using tablets.

All straight-forward so far.

The interesting thing is how Adactus approached the project. The Care Connect platform is a Cloud Service, Adactus are one of the first organisations to truly realise the potential of this, instead of having project meetings, process mapping workshops and training, Adactus picked a pilot scheme and put the system into use straight-away. Within 10 days that scheme was fully live and paperless and after a month the solution had been moulded to match all the requirements and business processes and is now being rolled out to the remaining 40 schemes.

The first scheme was live before the first monthly subscription was paid and working with the scheme manager and Operations Manager has allowed the system and new business processes to evolve together over a very short time-frame to create the perfect solution.